Seeing that food was not as it used to be, Rahul Sharma, Founder of Guwahati Microgreens intended to set up an indoor farm involved in growing fresh and nutritious Microgreens.

Started in Panjabari area of Guwahati, this startup is motivated to improve the health and immunity of the city dwellers, homes and businesses in Guwahati.

Microgreens are basically young, leafy vegetables taken when they are just a few weeks old and around 1-2 inches tall. Guwahati Microgreens grow the supergreens under a controlled environment without the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Rahul Sharma, Guwahati Microgreens
Rahul Sharma, Founder Guwahati Microgreens

The Start

In his childhood years Rahul exhibited some interest in gardening. After enduring a difficult year as a result of COVID-19, he chose to cultivate microgreens at home for personal use alone, with no intention of selling them commercially. Then he shared a batch of microgreens with his friends and family to obtain feedback on the flavour and whether they wanted to include it in their regular diet.

“My products are available in some well known departmental stores in the city and along with it I also sell subscription-based plants so people can buy it on a monthly basis.'” Rahul Sharma

He launched his firm in August of 2020 after receiving a favourable reaction from his close circle. When microgreens became the focus of his life, things began to turn around for him.

“The market is not opened yet, and at this point of time I’m unable to deliver it to the restaurants but it is going well in the C2C market. But one good thing that happened during lockdown is that people became more health conscious. This, however helped me out in many ways. People started calling me and wanted to try microgreens.” he said

Wheatgrass, Guwahati Microgreens
Wheatgrass, Guwahati Microgreens

Contribution to the environment

Guwahati Microgreens eliminates the use of animal byproducts in the production of micro-greens, which takes organic gardening a step further. This means there is less nutrient salt buildup, eventually delivering better taste. Microgreens are grown in the great indoors where every seed is protected from unreliable weather and definitely free from pollutants or pests.

“In order to cultivate microgreens I’m not using any fertilizers or pesticides. I’m not depleting the soil nutrients. Also, the microgreens can be grown in a 10X10 room which also cuts the requirement of using more and more space. A lot can be grown in a small compact area.” Rahul said

Guwahati Microgreens
Kadhi Chawal with buttermilk and microgreens

Researchers have revealed that current agricultural techniques have significant environmental consequences, such as freshwater waste, excessive usage of fossil fuels and soil pollution. Also, microgreen cultivation takes a lot less resource than traditional foods.

Most agriculture use fertilisers, which pose major issues with the water supply, the environment, and creatures such as fish. This is due to over-fertilization of elements such as nitrogen and phosphorus, which enables excess fertiliser to leach into ground water and the surrounding ecosystem.

“To grow microgreens we use 90% less water. I sometimes do underwatering and overwatering, but all the water directly goes to the plants. This way we do not waste much water. We also use zero wastage packaging for microgreens. The bowls and the substrate can be reduced , reused and recycled to grow more plants” Rahul added.

Wow moments

Hundreds of thousands more people are becoming aware of Rahul and following him on social media. Guwahati Microgreens aid customers in improving their health and overall quality of life. Growing microgreens in a tiny tray at home may be a fun and instructive activity for kids. Growing it can enhance food security in communities and foster household self-sufficiency.

Adding to his wow moments, Rahul said

“I really feel happy as there are people who get back to me saying they follow my blogs and websites. They even share our posts and pictures on Instagram and Facebook. This shows people are actually following my work.”

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Raw mango salad with flax microgreens

“It’s not necessary that everybody should buy from me, but they should try growing it themselves. This is something I’m doing not only for my profit but i also want to educate people about How to fix the nutritional gap in your body by growing something which is so easy, affordable and healthy at the same time.” He added.

Further plans

At the moment, Rahul is trying to promote his startup to people organically through his social media posts. He had also reached out to a couple of local digital platforms to raise awareness about the benefits of microgreens. He wants to reach out to more stores, chefs  and food influencers that can sell and talk more about microgreens. Once the pandemic is settled and things go back to normal, he also  wishes to invest more on marketing and digital outreach.

“I also want to reach out to more schools. Growing food is a life lesson and I remember when we were kids, our parents ensured that we knew how to grow plants. But in 2021, even parents are busy and might not have time so teach these things. So, if I could reach out to schools and students and inculcate those habits at a tender age it will benefit them and us as well.” he added

Guwahati Microgreens
Finger sandwiches using Pakchoi and Beet

Message for the budding entrepreneurs

“It doesn’t matter if an idea is big or small, and if you have a passion for it, just go for it. Don’t think twice. You will either fail or succeed. If you succeed, you can go ahead with it; if not you can always think of something else. Its better to follow your dream and passion, rather than regretting it later.”

“Trying is the way out”

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